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API Structure

Most of Nuvama APIs can be used by following the general structure as defined in below tables.

General Structure for all APIs:

Request Structure

Key Value
URL < baseURL >/< API URL >


Key Value Description Is Mandatory?
AppIdKey contact us for AppIdKey This is also sent in response header of all non-login APIs. This has to be updated after each request is served for subsequent requests Yes
Source VendorName Name of the Vendor through which user is calling the APIs Yes
SourceToken msg from LoginVendor API This is the session value created for Vendor. Valid for 24 hrs from vendor login. Yes
Authorization received in Header after user login Session for particular User. This is also sent in Response header Yes for all Post-Login APIs
Content-Type application/json Yes

Request Body Parameter (Not applicable for GET APIs).

Request body should be a valid JSON object.

Response Structure

Response body will be a JSON object.

Mainly following status codes can be expected:

Status Codes Description
200 Success Response
204 No Content (no data available)
401 Unauthorized / Session Expired
400 Bad Request
404 Not Found (API end point doesn't exist)
405 Method Not Allowed
408 Request Timeout
500 Internal Server Error


Key Value Description
AppIdKey AppIdKey value Will be sent for all non-logged in APIs. Send AppIdkey value in header of next non logged-in API to be called
Authorization Authorization value Will be sent for all logged in APIs. Send Authorization value received in header of next logged-in API to be called.
Content-type application/json

Sample Request

Request Method: GET

Request API URL:


Key Value
AppIdKey Contact us for the value
Source TEST2
SourceToken 8159aaed52e45ec7e64d9c42638f9542

Sample Response

Response Code : 200

Response Body:

    "appID": "337da586a33f6b73f8eadf166ef877ce",
    "config": {
        "app": 994,
        "info": 14
    "data": {},
    "msgID": "9943e3f7-bded-436b-8259-ee4b5f8fddae",
    "srvTm": 1589279315852

In the above response:

Key Description
appID unique value internally generated by to identify the device of the source
data actual Response body
msgID unique key internally generated for a particular API request/response context
srvTm Server Time required for processing of request