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Generic Exceptions


Exceptions thrown due to incorrect password, invalid tokens, invalid sessions and invalid AppId

Status Code: 401

Error code message
ETRD0001 Session Expired
EGN0009 No Auth Header Found
EGN0019 You are not authorized to access this service

Status Code: 403

Error code message
EGN0007 Invalid AppID
EGN0008 Invalid AppID Key

Connection Failure

Occurs in case of connections issue or when server takes time to respond

Status Code: 504

Error code message
EGN0003 Connection Failure
EGN0006 Request Timed Out

Content Unavailable

When requested data is not available

Status Code: 222

Error code message
ETRD0009 No data available

Generic Exception

General Exceptions like Null Pointer Exceptions, request failed, omnesys exception

Status Code: 500

Error code message
EGN0001 Something went wrong please try again later
EGN0005 Request Failed

Invalid Request

Includes all invalid request like invalid request parameters, account type

Status Code: 400

Error code message
EGN0002 Invalid Request Params

Maintenance Enabled

If maintenance filter is enabled with custom message

Status Code: 503

Not Allowed

Occus when there is a difference in required and requested structure

Status Code: 405

Error code message
EGN0017 Method Not Allowed

Too Many Requests

Status Code: 406

Error code message
0 Too Many Requests