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Mobile Trading FAQs

Our mobile trading application is available for all Edelweiss trading as well as non-trading customers. Our trading customers can trade on the go, view market status,create customized watchlists, view streaming quotes , set alerts, view research calls, major indices and intraday charts. However our non-trading customers can download the application and login as guest users but can only view quotes, charts, major indices and create a watchlist

With Edelweiss Mobile Trader you can:

  • Trade even when you are on the move
  • View live streaming quotes
  • Carry out your own technical analysis with our advanced charting features
  • Create a single watchlist across multiple exchanges
  • Keep a constant track of your limits, holdings and positions
  • Modify or cancel your pending orders
  • Apply for eSIPs, IPOs, FPOs, NCDs and Bonds
  • Set alerts for stocks and indices of your interest and get informed on your email or sms as required.
  • View charting data of any stock for previous period from 5 days to since the day stock got listed (Max)
  • While you search for stocks or decide to buy, check the latest news first for free to make wiser investment decisions.

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader is available to you absolutely free of cost

You can download the Mobile Trader on the following Operating Systems for free:

  • Android: Google Play Store
  • iPhone:  App Store

To download the application simply visit from your smartphone or SMS EMT to 5757590. Alternatively you can download the application from various app stores depending on the Operating System that your mobile phone uses.

To download the application:

  • Visit the App store on your mobile phone (Google Play Store (Android); iOS App Store)
  • Type Edelweiss in the search bar
  • Click on the 'Edelweiss Mobile trader' app and then on 'Download'
  • After the app is downloaded you will simply have to click on 'Install'

If you have a trading account with us you need to follow a few simple steps to login to your trading account:

  1. Open the 'Edelweiss Mobile Trader' application and click on LHS menu and tap on 'Login'
  2. Enter the 'Login ID' for your Edelweiss trading account
  3. Confirm the secure access image by selecting it and enter your trading account password
  4. Enter the correct answers to the 2FA questions that are asked and click on 'Submit'
  5. Start trading

Using the Edelweiss Mobile Trader you can trade in the Equity, Derivatives and Currency Derivatives

You can place a trade by following a few simple steps:

  • Login to 'Edelweiss Mobile Trader'
  • Tap on 'Trade', which is located at the bottom of the screen on every screen within the application
  • Enter the scrip/contract after selecting the segment you wish to trade in, which will direct you to trading screen
  • You could select Exchange mentioned in front of the scrip’s name
  • Enter all the relevant details like buy/sell, quantity, product type, order type, price and tap on ‘Submit’
  • Check all details and swipe on ‘SWIPE UP TO TRADE’

In order to view the same you need to simply login to your trading account and click on 'Limits/Holdings/Positions' from Right Hand Side menu as per your requirement

In order to view intraday or historical charts you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the 'Edelweiss Mobile Trader' application
  • Click on ‘Charting’ from Left Hand Side menu'
  • Select the segment in which you want to view chart
  • Enter the name of the scrip that you wish to view and click on the scrip .You can select to view the different chart types (Area, Line, Candlestick, OHLC) as per your preference. If you wish to view Historical charts, just select the time period.
  • Historical charting data of any stock is available for previous period from 5 days to since the day stock got listed (Max)

You could search for Quotes from almost everywhere in the application

This section is available for both trading clients and guest users. You can view quotes across Equity, Derivatives and Currency segments

Steps to see quotes:

  • Tap on ‘Search’ symbol which is located in the right position on the bottom of the screen at every pages within the application
  • You could also search from ‘Home’ page (LHS Menu) by tapping ‘Get Quote’
  • Select the segment
  • Enter scrip initials

Tap on the desired scrip in the dropdown that appears and view all the Quotes details

In order to view Quotes you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Tap on ‘Watchlist’ from the bottom of the screen, which is almost everywhere within the application
  • Tap on ‘Triangle’ icon on top left of the screen
  • Select ‘Create and Manage’ to add new watchlist
  • Name your Watchlist and tap on ‘Create’ to create it
  • Search a scrip/contract to add it to watchlist

Yes, the Market Watch created is synchronized across all three platforms (i.e. Xtreme Trader, Website and Mobile Trader)

As and when the new version of the application is available, you will receive an automatic notification from your App Store. You will the simply have to delete the existing application and download the new one

If you are an existing Online Customer and interested in experiencing our Mobile Trading platform

  • Just download and install the mobile trading application from the App store.
  • Login with your existing Login id, Password and your 2FA answers
  • Agree to the STWT consent. And then you are ready to Start Trading on the go.

With the Edelweiss Mobile Trader application, now you can place cover order too (Available only on Android and iPhone)

You can do the same by:

  • Logging in to your Edelweiss trading account and click on ‘Trade’
  • Select the scrip or the contract for which you wish to place the order
  • Enter all the required details like Quantity, price, validity, order type and select the Product Type as Cover Order
  • Enter the Stop loss order details and click on Submit
  • Confirm all the details and swipe on SWIPE UP TO TRADE’.

Set alerts for stock and indices of your interest and get alerts on your email or SMS as required.

Steps to set alerts:

  • Login to ‘Edelweiss Mobile Trader’
  • Tap on ‘Bell’ button from the top of the screen and select ‘Alerts’
  • Tap on ‘New Alert’
  • Select scrip/contract for which you want to set alerts
  • Select alert type and set condition
  • Select how you wish to receive alerts – via SMS or Email
  • Once the condition is met, a message will be triggered to the registered email ID/mobile number