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Smartest just got smarter

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader is your perfect partner to let you make the most of trading opportunities. The intuitive design helps seamless movement across information and trading sections.

Reports to track your funds

Reaching to your transaction details gets easier with "Reports" section of the smart Mobile Trader app. It is simple, informative and easy to understand. One quick look of the report daily on your smartphone and you are market-ready for the day.

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Real-time market feeds

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader offers real-time streaming quotes throughout the app. So whether you are analyzing your portfolio, tracking watchlist or just monitoring the markets, all the prices are streaming live! But that's not just it, the best part about real-time market feeds is that it is free for everyone, even if you are a guest user!

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Customizable watchlist

The watchlist on the Edelweiss Mobile Traders offers you two views (list view and grid view) to monitor your stocks. Click on the stock name you want to view and a mini quote screen will expand allowing you to view quotes without needing to leave the watchlist screen. In the new Edelweiss Mobile Trader, adding, editing or deleting stocks is a made extremely easy. Plus if you are logged in, the app automatically creates watch lists based on your positions and holdings so that you can track them easily. Smart, isn't it?

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Consolidated market view

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader app offers you a dedicated markets area for equities and derivatives where you can view key market indices, the top gainers/losers and market news in real time. The derivative market section provides you actionable information about contracts based on Open Interest so that you can see which way the market is moving.

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Study the charts like an expert

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader app offers you live, tick-by-tick intraday charts to help you take the right decisions on the move. Plus the app offers 23 technical Indicators, overlays and historical charts. Download the app for to experience the most superior charting tool available on a smart phone!

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Up-to-date events calendar

The special event section of the app allows you track all current and upcoming corporate actions like bonus, dividend etc. You also get an economic calendar which tracks domestic and international events so that you stay informed about the market events.

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News section with sentiment analysis

With Edelweiss Mobile Trader you not only get news, but also a sentiment analysis on whether the news article is positive, negative or neutral for the stock.. Plus news is smartly bucketed into categories - company, commodity, international and economic news - so that you can track the news with ease.

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Market indices across the app

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader app allows you to access key market indices (Nifty, Sensex, USD) from any section of the app. Now you don't need to switch screens to check market status. Just 'Pull the bull' to get a live update on market indices.

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Quickest just got quicker

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader app offers you a speedy experience like never before. From simplified one-step login, to highly secured trading, to easier and faster access to the markets and watchlists app - Edelweiss Mobile Trader has it all.

Trade in just 3 taps

With the Edelweiss Mobile Trader app all you need to do to place a trade orders is just 3 taps. Just tap on the 'T' button, add quantity and simply submit! That's it, you're done!

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Quicker search

The app offers you a quick link on every screen to help you search throughout the app. Just enter the scrip name and access the quote for that scrip.

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Simplest just got simpler

The Edelweiss Mobile Trader app brings a simple and hassle free trading experience to your smart phone. Here's how...

Just ONE STEP login!

In Edelweiss Mobile Trader, login is simplified to just one step. Register once for the simplified login process and all you have to do next time you want to login, is to simply enter your password. That's it!

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A simple, concise overview with the dashboard

The dashboard provides you a summary of your account with Net MTM of your open positions and a valuation of your holdings. Plus it also shows you the total order count with execution status, your cash balances and your limits with an options to transfer funds and place trades.

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